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The Siasconset Civic Association, Inc. is a nonprofit, community advocacy organization that promotes and protects the mutual interests of property owners and residents of the village of Siasconset, MA.

We are a member of the Nantucket Civic League,, whose mission is "to advance continuous improvement in the quality of life on Nantucket by identifying important and emerging issues, informing the community about them, and helping to build consensus on solutions."  


Through civic engagement, research, advocacy and special projects, the Siasconset Civic Association strives to maintain 'Sconset's unique sense of community, historical character, and aesthetic.    


The mission of the Siasconset Civic Association is to:

  • Protect the interests of property owners and residents of 'Sconset;
  • Preserve the residential and historical character of the village, while also promoting improvements;
  • Provide a medium for residents to meet and discuss matters of common interest affecting the community; 
  • Raise funds for and implement projects to benefit the community.



The Board of the Siasconset Civic Association continually advocates on behalf of 'Sconset residents to ensure that the Town of Nantucket allocates sufficient resources and adopts appropriate measures to maintain 'Sconset's infrastructure, while protecting its historical character, and to ensure the safety of its residents. The more members the Association has, the "more weight" the Board has when lobbying for specific measures or budget items.

As part of its advocacy work, the Board helped update the Sconset Area Plan in 2021. The Sconset Area Plan articulates the goals and policies for the Village to assist in the overall planning for Nantucket Island by town government. It follows the format required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 41, Section 81D for town Master Plans. This plan was informed by a community survey conducted by the Civic Association and shared with the residents of ‘Sconset for questions and input before a final version was submitted to the Select Board for approval. The categories within the report include land use, housing, economic development, natural and cultural resources, open space and recreation, services and facilities, and circulation. 

Community Projects

The Siasconset Civic Association also undertakes a number of projects each year, implemented by its Board, to benefit the 'Sconset community. 

Current projects include:

Examples of past projects include: 

  • Purchasing EMT kits and summer firefighting suits for 'Sconset volunteer firefighters
  • Landscaping for the "Sconset entrance on Main Street and the Sankaty Road triangle
  • Creating a native plant and butterfly garden at Larsen Park
  • Adding picnic seating at Larsen Park
  • Funding for the flagpole replacement at the David Grey Memorial Rotary
  • Funding ‘Sconset brochures and maps for visitors
  • Creation of a new playground in Codfish Park
  • Purchasing plaques to honor 'Sconset volunteer firefighters
  • Funding a video on Dark Sky to educate the community
  • Conducting surveys on important issues affecting the village
  • Traffic safety and speed remediation measures

All of this is made possible by the generosity of members and donors.


The Siasconset Civic Association is a 501(c)(4) organization under the U.S. tax code, a provision that exempts all civic associations from federal taxes. Among other things, this means that membership dues and donations made directly to it (which are not tax deductible) must cover all its operating expenses. These expenses include the cost of this website, office supplies, printing, postage, meeting expenses, state and local taxes, and membership in the Nantucket Civic League.  

While non-tax deductible donations are needed to help cover operating expenses, tax-deductible donations are extremely welcome and can be made to the Community Foundation for Nantucket and earmarked for the 'Sconset Civic Association Fund. These donations can and will be used for special projects approved by the Civic Association's Board to benefit the 'Sconset community. 

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