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Points of Contact

If in doubt about who to call about a problem or concern, feel free to email the Siasconset Civic Association for guidance.

Bike path concerns Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form

Encroachment on a "way"
(Examples: hedges, plants, stones, stakes and posts placed at the edge of a road to prevent parking)

Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form

Town of Nantucket Encroachment Policy

Missing street signs

Report via this online form

Noise complaint (general)
Call the Nantucket Police at (508) 228-1212 (non-emergency)

Noise complaint (planes) Nantucket Memorial Airport has a Noise Hotline, 508.325.7531, to record citizen's concerns. The staff makes every effort to answer the Hotline on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.; otherwise, the message is recorded. Staff can also be reached by submitting the on-line Noise Complaint Form.
Outdoor lighting violation

Call Nantucket's Lighting Enforcement Officer, Marcus Silverstein, at 508-325-7587, ext. 7021 or send an email to

Overflowing septic system

Call the Department of Health at 508-228-7200, ext. 7014 or 7020 or report via this online form

Parking complaint

Call the Nantucket Police at (508) 228-1212 (non-emergency)

Potholes on a public road (or other needed repair)

Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form

Potholes on a private road (or other needed repair)
Coordinate with the property owners on the road in question to have the road repaired

Public health concern Report via this online form
Road debris (public roads)

Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form

Sconset beach debris (large)

If too large to move on your own, call the Nantucket Land Bank (owner of Sconset Beach) at (508) 228-7240. Otherwise, move the item(s) to the main entrance to Sconset Beach and then call DPW at (508) 228-7244 to arrange a pick-up.

Seals (distressed or dead)

Call Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket Hotline (833) 667-6626
or send an email to

Sewer emergency

Call the Sewer Department at (508) 228-7200 ext. 7801

Sewer non-emergency

Report via this online form

Solid waste & recycling Waste "Stream" Guide (printable PDF).  

Inquiries about Nantucket's waste "stream" rules not answered on DPW's website, can be submitted using this online form.

For inquiries about Landfill hours and operations, call Waste Options at (508) 228-4283.

Storm drain problem

Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form

Streetlamp outage: decorative (short), Town-owned,  
Report via the online form found here (you will need the post/pole number): 

For a list of the decorative streetlamps in 'Sconset, with post/pole numbers and locations, click here.
Street light outage: "Cobra" style, overhead on utility pole, owned by National Grid Call National Grid at (800) 322-3223, Monday-Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm

Traffic safety concerns 

Email Erika Mooney, Project Administrator/Executive Assistant to the Traffic Safety Work Group

Process for Requesting Traffic Calming Devices

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