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S a f e t y
M a t t e r s

Please do your part to keep 'Sconset roads safe for all.

Hedge Height

Please consider the safety of traffic, pedestrians, and bikers when you decide on the height of your hedge. In some circumstances, Nantucket law or policy requires hedges to be only three feet high for public safety reasons.

Section 132-1A of the Nantucket Code states: 

"In order to preserve and promote the safety of the public, hedge or shrub or other growth on the corner lot or curb obstructing the view of motorists and situated within 15 feet of a public street, or curb- or side line thereof, shall not be permitted by the owner or occupant of the premises to exceed the height of three feet above road grade." 

Similarly, the Town Encroachment Policy states:

"Hedges [that are planted in the Town owned right-of-way, aka the "Town Way"] for properties on corner lots shall be no higher than 3 feet for a distance of 20 feet along each road and there shall be no plantings or landscape elements within that 20 feet radius higher than 3 feet." 
"Hedges that extend from a driveway along [a Town-owned right-of-way] shall be no higher than 3 feet for a distance of 20 feet on either side of the driveway."

"20 is Plenty in 'Sconset" 

The speed limit in 'Sconset is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. But that doesn't mean you should go that fast!

With so many children, dog walkers, and bikes on our streets, 20 mph is plenty in 'Sconset!

"20 is Plenty" stickers are available from the Civic Association at our member meetings. Members can also request one by sending an email to

These are now clings, which means they won't harm the surface of your car or wherever else you choose to put them. Just clean and dry the surface and then apply.  

Encroachments into the Public Way 

The placing of plants, stones, structures (such as fences, stakes and posts), and other obstructions within the boundaries of a "way" (defined to include a "private way laid out under authority of statute, or any way or place customarily used by the public for purposes for which a public way is generally used") without obtaining permission from the Town is an unlawful encroachment. (See Chapter 127-3 of the Nantucket Code)

Under the Town's Encroachment Policy:

  • Encroachments causing an immediate public safety hazard as determined by the Department of Public Works, and those blocking a public way so as to impede public access, are subject to being removed immediately by the Town at the owner's expense. 
  • An encroachment that doesn't cause an immediate threat to public safety are also subject to being removed by the Town if the property owner doesn't remove it after being asked by the Town do that.
  • Encroachments that are determined to have historical precedent, as well as not be a threat to public safely, may be allowed to remain. Such encroachments are identified on a Town-maintained list and noted on the Town GIS system.

Complaints about obstacles in the public way are to be made to the Department of Public Works. Call DPW at (508) 228-7244 or report via this online form.

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