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Healthy Yards

From the website of The Great Healthy Yard Project:

"Residential, non-point source pollution is the most widespread water quality problem facing our country. The chemicals that we put on our yards and down our drains end up in our drinking water. They are not removed by routine water treatment and are also in bottled water. These chemicals are damaging the health of our families, causing increases in Autism, ADHD, diabetes and cancer.

We are offering a simple solution – stop using these chemicals so they don’t wind up in our drinking water."

The Great Healthy Yard Project,, is an environmental non-project organization working to improve and protect the quality of our drinking water to help our families lead healthier lives.

This organization is asking homeowners to take a pledge to protect our drinking water by not using synthetic pesticides, weedkillers, and fertilizers on their yards and gardens except for localized use on rare occasions to resolve an infestation or improve habitat for native plants and wildlife, and to also not throw pharmaceuticals or chemicals down the drain or toilets.  

Why is this relevant in 'Sconset?

Nantucket has sandy soils that promote rapid water infiltration, percolation, and leaching of nutrients. The Town of Nantucket is focused on the pesticide run-off around the harbor and shore but harmful substances used for lawn care are also being added to the aquifer and private well water. Only homeowners can do something about that.


I pledge to take care of my yard without synthetic pesticides, weedkillers and fertilizers except on rare occasions to resolve an infestation or to improve habitat for native plants and wildlife.

I also pledge not to throw pharmaceuticals or chemicals down my drains or toilets.

I'll take the
TGHYP pledge


(from The Great Healthy Yard
Project website)  

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