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  • Monday, April 04, 2022 4:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Many thanks to our Sconset Clean Team volunteers for their efforts on Saturday as part of the annual island-wide Litter Derby. Mark Burlingham, Kevin and Eve Fraser Corp, and team leaders Anne Dougherty and Dan Weber report that, though the village made it through the winter in relatively neat condition, they still collected about five large bags of litter in the village center and out toward Polpis Road. 

    We’ll also be asking for volunteers for a quick pick-up once the upcoming Daffodil Festival picnic wraps-up on Main Street. Please stay tuned for details!

  • Saturday, August 14, 2021 6:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Many thanks and kudos to the Sconseters who joined the Nantucket Clean Team to clean up Low Beach and environs today. The pictures below demonstrate that this collective beehive of activity made a big impact. Our volunteers were:

    • Georgine and Frank Anton
    • Wendy Bowen and her son, joining us from the Coast Guard base!
    • Jennifer DiMartino and her nephew, Joey
    • Carl Lindrall and Hutton Lindrall
    • Tom Loughlin
    • Shelley North and her friend Mary Claus
    • Gail Walker

    We hope to see you at our next event, scheduled for September 11!

  • Thursday, August 05, 2021 9:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What an excellent turnout for the Sconset Clean Team's special event on August 4th honoring our cherished friend and neighbor, the late Nancy Broll.

    Many thanks to the Broll family, who turned out in force due in significant part to the dedicated efforts of Kelsey Broll; members of On The Isle who came out with a strong show of support for Nancy and the Brolls; and other friends from our Sconset village.

    Participants included:

    • The extended Broll family – David, Steven, Ainsley, Corinne, Tanner, Kelsey, Kathy, Geoffrey, Lily, Julie, Jack, Abby, Caroline, Kerry, Kaelie, Rick, Chris and Neelam.
    • Alyse Bierly, Betsy Boe, Jenny Clancy, Robin Gorham, Terry and Mary Groden, Jay and Robin Hammer, Elizabeth Lacouture, Tom and Kathi Loughlin, Pam Murphy, Keeley Osborn, Holly Pagon, Josh Posner, Carol Sanford, Kitty Sperry, Gail Walker, Emma Ward, and Randy Wright
    We hope to see you at our next, regularly scheduled Clean Team event on Saturday, August 14 at 8am. Please register in advance at
  • Sunday, July 25, 2021 11:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Bike and Scooter Safety Day was held on July 14 and over 30 children completed the course. Thank you to the Nantucket Police Department for creating the course and checking bike helmets and to Siasconset Civic Association board members Robert Franklin, Maggie Boone and Karel Greenberg for greeting children and giving each child a special t-shirt and a coupon for ice cream at the ‘Sconset Market. Remember all children under 16 years of age or under are required to wear a helmet.

  • Saturday, July 10, 2021 6:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We had a great turnout for today's clean-up!  Twenty volunteers -- including 6 enthusiastic children -- cleaned the beach as well as the village center.

    Many thanks to:

    Tracy and Scott Biedron
    Sarah Bingham (Filipski) 
    Ti and Bob Conley
    Chrissi Crampton and her daughters Maddie and Cece
    Lynn Filipski
    Susan Gammage Munn
    Keith Goldstein
    Callie Kelly and her children Francis and George
    Tom Loughlin
    Jennifer Neighbours and her daughters Eleanor and Lydia
    Dave Ogletree
    Martin Ogletree
    Gail Walker

  • Sunday, June 13, 2021 1:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We had a great turnout for the June clean-up. Sporting new safety vests, eighteen volunteers picked up litter on the beach, in the village center, and on several of our main thoroughfares (Main Street/Milestone Road, New Street, Morey Lane, and Ocean Ave.)  A big thanks to all who participated. And a special thanks to the three teens who volunteered to clean up Larsen Park every day while they're here this summer -- we've dubbed them the Teen Clean Team!

    June 13, 2021 Clean Team Volunteers:

    Nancy Beebe
    Esther Brown
    Paul Collins
    Lisa Double
    Anne Dougherty
    Robert Franklin
    Ashley Gebhardt
    Elizabeth Lacouture
    Josh Nims
    Luke Nims - Teen Clean Team
    essa Nims - Teen Clean Team
    Kate Heller O'Reilly
    Wilson Prieve - Teen Clean Team
    Tiekka Tellier
    Gail Walker
    Dan Weber
    Nell Wilson
    George Wilson

  • Saturday, May 22, 2021 3:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Today was a day of firsts for the Sconset Clean Team: the first clean-up of the 2021 summer season; the first without masks in over a year; and the first with some of our new safety vests.

    Seven volunteers met at Ruddick Commons and spread out along Milestone to clean both sides of it between New Street and Tom Nevers Road. While they weren't able to collect ALL of the trash that was along this stretch in an hour (there was so much!), it was a great effort and we are thankful to all those who participated: Anne Dougherty, Janet Eyre, Lynn Filipski, Robert Franklin, Kit Murphy, Gail Walker, and Julia Wilcox.

  • Sunday, April 18, 2021 3:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It took five (five!) vehicles to haul everything to the dump that the two Sconset litter derby teams picked up on April 17-18 as part of the 2021 Nantucket Litter Derby.

    Twelve noble and intrepid souls spent approximately 60 man hours picking up trash in and near 'Sconset. 'Sconset is a whole lot cleaner now, thanks to the Amendolare family (Nick, Kristi, Billy, and Lola), Anne Dougherty, Rachel Hobart, Charley and Martha Polachi, John Shea, Gail Walker, Dan Weber, and Mary Will.

    The most unusual items found in addition to the alarming number of bottles, cans and candy wrappers: a large flatscreen TV (John) and a very old bike (Rachel) -- both on the Land Bank property between Ocean Ave and the beach (!).

  • Saturday, December 12, 2020 5:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    As this very challenging year winds down, volunteers came together for one last 'Sconset clean-up. It was a great success as can be seen in the photo above.  Six Clean Team members (listed below) filled over 15 trash bags with discarded bottles, soda cans and endless bits of plastic -- all from the area between Ocean Avenue and 'Sconset beach, from Gully Road to the Summer House Bistro.                                         

    If you want to be notified about our monthly Sconset clean-ups starting again next Spring, please send an email to and we'll add you to the list. 

    Hope to see you then! 

    December 12 Clean Team Volunteers
    Tim Cashman
    Anne Dougherty -- Team Lead
    Cynthia Gallagher
    Karel Greenberg
    Marth Polachi
    Gail Walker

  • Saturday, November 28, 2020 3:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A great group turned out today for the Sconset Beach clean-up organized by the Sconset Civic Association.

    Fueled by Downyflake donuts, 21 volunteers (listed below) spread out and collected trash on the beach from Low Beach up to Wade Cottages, and then in the Codfish Park area.

    They picked up an incredible amount of cans, bottles, mylar balloons, plastic gloves, plastic cups, heaps of tangled fishing lines -- and even an old TV!! 

    Thanks to this effort, our beautiful beach and Codfish Park are a lot cleaner today.

    If you are on island through the winter months and would like to be included in our next clean-up, we'd love your help.  Please send an email to and we'll add you to the list.

    November 28 Clean Team Volunteers

    Mark Burlingham
    Paul and Mary Collins
    Nina and Ross Bermingham
    Lisa Camesano
    Anne Dougherty -- Team Leader
    Amy Graham
    Karel Greenberg
    Kate Heller O'Reilly
    Nina Hellman
    Glenn Hinderstein
    Ann Johnson
    Virginia Laytham
    Kit Murphy
    Elizabeth Nolan
    Alexa and Ethan Rosen-Gozani -- our youngest volunteers!
    Gail Walker
    Dan Weber
    Mary Will -- finder of the TV

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