Nextdoor Siasconset

Nextdoor 'Sconset is a free and private online social network for those who own or rent in Sconset. On Nextdoor, neighbors can share local events, news, recommendations, items for sale/free, requests for help/advice, and much more.

  • Nextdoor ( was founded in 2010 and is now used by more than 100,000 neighborhoods across the United States.  It is based in San Francisco.
  • Press coverage ( includes:  Meet the Neighbors? There’s an App for That (New York Times, Oct. 13, 2015).
  • The Nextdoor network for 'Sconset was launched in May 2016 by Gail Walker (15 ½ Burnell,, who serves as the network Lead and can assist with any questions or problems.

To join, go to  Note that a 'Sconset street address must be used to join. PO Boxes aren't accepted.

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