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Summary and Recording of July 8th Membership Meeting Via Zoom

Thursday, July 16, 2020 9:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Below is a summary of the Zoom meeting we had on July 8th for those who weren't able to join us. For those who would like to listen to a recording of the meeting, a link is provided at the bottom of this post.

Our next Board meeting will be held on July 20th. Another general membership meeting will be held via Zoom on August 5th at 6pm. Please save the date and plan to join us! Log on information is available on our website.

Summary of July 8th Meeting

  • President’s Report by Martha Polachi:

    • This spring she noticed that a much smaller flag was flying on the rotary flag pole. She requested that the DPW reinstall the larger cotton flag. 
    • Over the winter the wood tables at Larsen Park were sealed by Amy Manning. We also received a bid from her for landscaping in Larsen Park. We are now waiting on permission from the Conservation Foundation. 
    • We requested water refilling stations but were told by the Town that they will not be installing any for now because of financial constraints due to COVID-19
    • The DPW delivered trash bin enclosures for the beach, but not yet for Larsen Park. 
    • Porta potties were not installed this year at the beach because of COVID-19 restrictions. 
    • The Fire Station steps will be fixed if DPW can find the money. The Board is considering donating money for the step repairs if they can't. 
  • Martha had a few public service announcements as well:
  • Please complete your census forms. You must complete them whether you are a year-round resident or seasonal.
  • Please continue to wear masks in the Historic District of Sconset. We can lead by example by wearing our masks at all times.
  • Claudette's, The Chanticleer, and the Sconset Cafe all have options for takeout. 
  • The Bartlett truck's is in Sconset on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Island Kitchen Food truck now visits Sconset as well.
  • Please consider volunteering at the Nantucket Food Bank. They have a shortage of volunteers at the moment. They are following all of the suggested COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Treasurer Gene Hilzenrath reported that as of July 8, 272 household memberships had paid dues this calendar year. He asked that all members pay their dues promptly. Dues can be paid online through our website (, mailing a check to (P.O. Box 360, Siasconset, MA 02564), or dropping off a check at 15 Burnell Street in Sconset. Our budgeted income for 2020 is $18,900.00 and our budgeted expenses are $26,201.00. The expense number is a conservative estimate that takes into account past expenses. However, we don't foresee the same expenses this summer as we will not be hosting an annual BBQ, bike safety day, and other events that we traditionally organize, due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Whitney Schrauth, who is in charge of our Clean Team efforts, reported that we had lots of success with our Clean Team initiative last summer and that we plan to continue it this year, but without group meet-ups because of COVID-19. Instead, all members who are on island are encouraged to participate in a community wide clean-up on the 3rd Saturday of each month between the hours of 8am and 11am -- with household members cleaning up on their own. Supplies (trash bags, plastic gloves, and "grippers") will be available for pick-up for those who need them. Details will be provided in an email to members and also posted on our website. 
  • Mary Will, our Nominating Committee Chair, reported that, pursuant to our Bylaws, the Board selected new officers and board members because having an in-person meeting of members to hold elections wasn't possible.  The new officers are as follows: 

President - Lynn Filipski
Vice President - Gail Walker
Secretary - Maggie Boone
Treasurer - Wendy Holding

New directors are Dr. William DruckemillerRobert Franklin, and John Shea.  Continuing on as directors are Cindy Nelson, Maxwell Mundy, and Whitney Schrauth

  • We then addressed questions that were presented to the Board prior to the meeting and that were asked via the chat platform on Zoom. The general concerns raised by members were related to landscaping, speeding, parking at the rotary, parking at the beach as well as the playground, bike safety, and road repair work. 
  • Hedge height at intersections needs to be no taller than 3 feet. 
  • Landscaping noise is definitely an issue. We encourage everyone to ask their landscapers to invest in electric trimmers that make significantly less noise than the gas powered alternative.
  • Rotary parking has become an issue. There is not enough parking to accommodate everyone. The Board will continue to discuss this at a later meeting.  
  • We need to address some infrastructure issues including potholes. Homeowners should be in touch with the Town about any needed repairs of public roads. Please be patient. 
  • There was a concern expressed about the Front Street grass strip and the general scenic look of the street. Since this is a public road, the homeowners in that area can make a request to the Public Works Department. [You can submit a request online at] We do have to remember that COVID-19 will make things more difficult on the town budget. The best time to get DPW's attention is in the fall.
  • There are concerns about homeowners placing rocks and stakes outside of their hedges/landscaping to deter parking.  We would like to remind our neighbors that that grass strip is Town property when the road in question is a public road. Please remove them. Firetrucks and emergency responders need to be able to get by safely. [We've added information to our website about this, including a link to the Town's Encroachment Policy:]
  • Please remember that the speed limit throughout the village is 25 mph. Be aware of our cyclists. All cyclists under the age of 16 are required to wear helmets. 
  • Outgoing board members were thanked for their contributions and continued support. They are: Cathy BowmanSnooky Eldridge (our resident historian), Gene Hilzenrath (our outgoingTreasurer), C.O. North (our outgoing Assistant Treasurer and a contributing author of our new bylaws), and Mary Will (who has served as Secretary, Nominating Committee Chair, and Scholarship Fund Chair).
  • Finally, Lynn Filipski, President-elect, expressed how fortunate we are to have had Martha Polachi on the Board for the past 12 years and past 5 years as our President. She has made so many important contributions to the village including: the new flagpole, the children’s playground, the beach bathrooms and trash receptacles, and improvements to Larsen Park. Larsen Park is now a beautiful, peaceful and pleasant space where families and friends can enjoy each other’s company. Martha is a full-time resident and we have relied on her to keep her ear to the ground. She has been our direct contact with government officials. Her dedication and commitment will be hard to replicate. We regret that we cannot celebrate Martha at the Casino with cocktails and snacks. In lieu of that, we presented Martha with a Simon Pearce glass bowl to express our gratitude. Martha is behind us and will be one of our greatest resources going forward. Thank you, Martha!

    Recording of July 8th Zoom Meeting


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